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You just have to see this ad

The advertising industry always has to come up with new ideas in order to inspire customers. Whether new products or giving old ones a fresh coat of paint – sometimes there are also real jewels that customers will remember for a long time. For me, a new candy clip is also part of it, although I’m not that keen on the associated sweets.

A comment by Felix Gräber

Stroke of genius from Twix: You must have seen this commercial

Every year, the Super Bowl is not just one of the highlights for sports fans across the globe. The advertising industry also looks at no other event as closely as the American Football Championship. Because that’s where the probably most expensive advertising space is sold. In 1984, for example, Apple earned a permanent place in the advertising hall of fame with its legendary announcement of the first Macintosh.

This spot won’t be enough for that, especially since it premiered last year. But in Germany it has only been on display for a short time – and for me it already has what it takes to be the best commercial of 2023. We’re talking about the Twix Camping Campaign.

The spot has recently been running on free TV in Germany and is fun thanks to the change in perspective, but see for yourself (unfortunately we haven’t been able to find the German version yet, hence the English original):

Candy makers need to get creative

Whether it’s the children’s bar with its iconic pair of bars and frosted glass, the often chaotic adventures of the two M&Ms, or the gold bears that turn eaters back into children – the corporations behind the confectionery and their creative agencies keep coming back Spots and characters that stick. For me, the Twix bears on a camper hunt definitely belong in this series.

It’s also no wonder that the manufacturers of the popular treats seem particularly attaches great importance to successful advertising campaigns place. After all, pretty much every customer is actually clear: It’s not really good for me if I eat it – at least from a health point of view. Since it does not hurt if buyers positive associations connect to the product.

By the way: The commercial isn’t quite as new as it might appear to German viewers. The spot called “TWIX Camping” celebrated its international premiere in 2022 – and it didn’t do badly. Both Cannes Lionsthe most important and internationally well-known event in the advertising industry, it was enough for one silver lion 2022.

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