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You are used to wireless internet from home. But there is also WiFi for on the go. So you don’t have to do without a fast connection when traveling. We explain which options are available to you.

Anyone who is on the move with their smartphone usually goes online via their mobile data connection. This is usually more difficult with a tablet or laptop, and maybe you have already used up your included volume on your mobile phone. Fortunately, you don’t have to do without WiFi when you’re on the move.

Hotspots: supply is growing

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Deutsche Bahn, IKEA: You can log into free hotspots in more and more shops. The free internet is available to you either indefinitely, for a certain period of time or for a set data usage. The offer varies depending on the provider.

For example, if you are traveling by train, select the DB network on your smartphone, tablet or laptop (“WIFIonICE” or “WIFI @ DB”) and you will automatically be taken to a log-in page. Alternatively, you can type in your browser “” or “”. Confirm the terms and conditions and off you go. You are then automatically connected to the WLAN in buses and at the train station.

WiFi for on the go: Connect to a hotspot in the city(© 2020 AVM)

The hotspot expansion is also advancing away from shops. In more and more cities, including Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne and Stuttgart, there are free offers so that you can use WiFi on the go.

However, public WLAN is also associated with risks. Theoretically, hackers can hook up and access your data relatively easily. You can reduce the risk with VPN and SSL connections, among other things.

WiFi sharing: sharing

Some telecommunications companies offer customers the Internet at special conditions if they use their router to provide a WLAN as a public hotspot that you can access – WLAN sharing, so to speak. As a customer of the provider this is free of charge, otherwise you surf for a small fee.

Smartphone as a hotspot

If you have booked a large (or even unlimited) inclusive volume with your mobile phone contract, you can also turn your own smartphone into a WiFi hotspot. Laptop or tablet then use your mobile internet. However, you cannot surf the web with your mobile phone. The feature also uses the battery of the hotspot source.

The offer is particularly useful if you have a tablet that only offers WiFi functionality. If you have a cellular model, you can also order a second SIM card with a data-only tariff.

Mobile routers ensure flexibility(© 2020 AVM)

Mobile WiFi router: maximum flexibility

Alternatively, how about you simply have a WLAN with you at all times? Get a mobile router and create your own (closed) WLAN on the go. The devices supply several mobile devices at the same time. A mobile router also has the advantage that you can also use your smartphone. You simply insert a SIM card with data volume into the router and connect it to your tablet, laptop and / or smartphone. Surf sticks for your laptop work similarly and are another alternative.

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