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You can upgrade and repair this Chromebook yourself

The manufacturer Framework has teamed up with Google to release its modular Chromebook. You can repair the device yourself or upgrade it with new hardware. The device comes with a screwdriver: the only tool you need to replace parts.

Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition

Framework is a company known for its laptops that you can repair yourself or equip with more powerful hardware in the long run. Framework does this by making parts of their laptops modular. It also sells its own parts so that you can personalize your laptop, and it provides the necessary repair instructions.

On its website, Framework announces that it has partnered with Google to now release its Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition. It comes standard with pretty powerful specifications. There is a 13.5 inch screen that has a high resolution of 2256×1504 pixels. In addition, under the housing you will find an Intel Core i5-1240P processor that works standard with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage.

Choose your ports and storage

When you configure the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition, you get additional options. You can choose which ports you need on the Chromebook and how many of each. Do you need two HDMI connections and an Ethernet port? That’s just possible. You can also expand the storage even further. A fingerprint scanner is also built into the power button as standard.

But what if you want to repair your product now or change the ports or storage later? In that case, you can unscrew the keyboard of the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition and follow the instructions that Framework provides.

The Chromebook is currently only for sale in the US and Canada, where it is for sale from $ 999, which is converted to 1013 euros. Framework does not rule out that it will be available in more markets at a later date. Also check out our selection of 12 Android apps that are indispensable on a Chromebook. What do you think of this modular Chromebook Framework? Let us know in the comments.

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