You can try lipstick or makeup through the Google application

The current coronavirus situation has changed a lot in our common habits. The solution to many things has moved into the online world. Definitely one of them is shopping. Even in the Czech Republic, goods in e-shops are torn, while stone “shops” are suffering as a result of a pandemic and government regulations. We get used to buying almost everything over the internet. Even things we would otherwise like to try. For some, just we’re trying to hit, others are buying a little bait. In one particular, however, Google is now trying to make shopping more enjoyable. Using virtual reality, the classic Google search application is able to simulate on a face how specific it would look on a person lipstick or makeup.

Clicking with will start the animation …

The novelty still works in the USA, but its further expansion is not ruled out. Cosmetic retailers would certainly welcome it. Google is currently working with L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Black Opal and Charlotte Tilbury, which products for a virtual “testing room” inserted.

Google lipstick makeup preview applicationClicking with will start the animation …

When searching for supported items, the user can launch the camera and try it out on yourself thanks to augmented reality. With the Google app, you can buy lipstick or makeup with more confidence and an idea of ​​what it will really look like.


What things did you start shopping for because of Covid?

Source: Google

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