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you can score the best Black Friday 2022 deals here

We at iPhone are secretly impressed by the Google Nest products. We would also like such a complete and well thought-out system for a smart home from Apple. But don’t worry, because the products work perfectly with your iPhone and now you can score them extra cheaply during Black Friday.

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Black Friday is almost here! And that means: a whole lot of offers. For example, for smart devices from Google. But wait a minute? Google? This is an Apple website, right? Yes, but with its Google Nest products, the search giant has designed an incredibly extensive ecosystem (speakers, cameras, thermostats and doorbells), which also works without problems with your iPhone, iPad and Mac. And thanks to Matter, the devices will soon even appear in the Home app. So, act fast to score the best deal.

1. Google Nest Mini

The Google Nest Mini is the counterpart of the HomePod mini: a small smart speaker that you can place anywhere. This way you can enjoy excellent sound and you can easily ask the Google Assistant for help. It only costs a few tenners and you can link several copies together in an instant.

Why not make your entire home smart by placing a Google Nest Mini in every room? That way you can listen to your favorite Christmas music everywhere in the run-up to the holidays.

  • Google Nest Mini: from €38.00 for € 29.95 – at
  • Google Nest Mini: from €39.00 for € 29.99 – at MediaMarkt
  • Google Nest Mini: from €38.95 for € 36.95 – at Belsimpel
  • Google Nest Mini (2 Pack): from €118.00 for € 39.95 – at tink
  • Google Nest Mini (3 Pack): from €177.00 for € 49.95 – at tink

2. Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub (2nd generation) is the control center of your smart home. You can control all your smart devices from the screen, or simply stream Netflix or YouTube videos to it. The device is also very useful in the kitchen as a digital cookbook. Because you operate the hub with gestures, you don’t have to worry about greasy fingers on the screen.

The Google Nest Hub is also useful in the bedroom, because it analyzes your sleep and can even suggest points for improvement. This way you have a better sleep and wake up more rested. You will have to pay for this monthly from 2023.

  • Google Nest Hub: from €99.00 for € 49.00 – at
  • Google Nest Hub: from €99.00 for € 49.00 – at MediaMarkt
  • Google Nest Hub: from €64.90 for € 49.00 – at Alternate
  • Google Nest Hub: from €99.99 for €49.99 – at BCC
  • Google Nest Hub (2 Pack): from €199.98 for € 89.95 – at tink

3. Google Nest Audio

Is sound quality most important to you? Then the larger Google Nest Audio is your best option. With its improved speakers and drivers, it sounds better than ever. Of course, just like the Mini, you can also use it to ask the Google Assistant something. You can set an alarm clock, have the latest news read to you, and plan a route that will then appear in Google Maps.

You can of course link multiple Google Nest Audios together. This way you can easily fill your entire house with music. A combination with one or more Google Nest Minis is also no problem.

  • Google Nest Audio: from €89.95 for € 66.95 – at Belsimpel
  • Google Nest Audio: from €99.00 for € 66.95 – at
  • Google Nest Audio: from €99.00 for € 69.00 – at MediaMarkt
  • Google Nest Audio: from €78.99 for € 69.00 – at
  • Google Nest Audio: from €99.99 for €79.99 – at BCC
  • Google Nest Audio (2 Pack): from €198.00 for €124.95 – at tink
  • Google Nest Audio (3 Pack): from €297.00 for €179.95 – at tink

4. Google Nest Doorbell

Do you always want to be able to see who is at the door? Then the Google Nest Doorbell offers a solution. You can connect it wired, but it also works on a battery. This is useful if you don’t have a power supply for the doorbell outside.

This doorbell brings your visitors fully into view thanks to the special aspect ratio of the camera. By the way, it even shows sharp video at night. You receive notifications if something moves in front of your door, so you can contact your visitors directly, thanks to a built-in microphone and speaker. Of course you can do this via your iPhone, so you don’t even have to be in the Netherlands!

5. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat ensures that your home is always pleasantly warm. It learns from your living habits and adjusts the heating accordingly. Of course it is always possible to set your own time schedules or to adjust something if you are home earlier. Certainly not a superfluous luxury in these times with sky-high energy prices.

You can easily operate the Google Nest Thermostat from your iPhone. For example, you can turn on the heating on the way and come home to a warm living room.

6. Google Nest Camera

There are also many interesting Black Friday deals for the Google Nest Camera. There are different variants of this smart camera, which you can use both indoors and outdoors. That way you can keep an eye on your house from all sides.

Of course you can easily check the images on your iPhone, iPad or the aforementioned Google Nest Hub. Some models also work on a battery, so you don’t have to pull wires when you attach it to the facade outside.

  • Google Nest Camera (battery): from €199,99 for €149.00 – at BCC
  • Google Nest Camera (battery): from €199,99 for €149.00 – at Coolblue
  • Google Nest Camera (battery): from €199,99 for €149.00 – at Amazon
  • Google Nest Camera (battery): from €199,99 for €149.00 – at MediaMarkt
  • Google Nest Camera (2Pack): from €399.00 for € 279.00 – at BCC

7. Google Nest Protect

Smoke detectors have been mandatory in every house or apartment since July 1 this year. The Google Nest Protect goes one step further, because it is also a carbon monoxide detector at the same time. Very safe. Moreover, it is a lot smarter than comparable devices. This way, it not only sounds an alarm, but also tells you immediately what the problem is.

Have you only forgotten your sandwich and is there little else going on? Then you can easily switch off the alarm via your iPhone. In addition, the Google Nest Protect tests itself, so you don’t have to press a button manually. The battery lasts 10 years, which is exactly the time you can use a smoke detector before it needs to be replaced.

1. Wired Google Nest

2. Google Nest with battery

  • Google Nest Protect: from €119.00 for € 99.00 – at (with Select)
  • Google Nest Protect: from €129.00 for € 99.00 – at BCC
  • Google Nest Protect: from €129.00 for € 119.00 – at tink
  • Google Nest Protect (2 Pack): from €238.00 for € 229.00 – at Coolblue
  • Google Nest Protect (2 Pack): from €258.00 for € 229.95 – at tink
  • Google Nest Protect (3 Pack): from €387.00 for € 339.95 – at tink

Other Google offers

There are of course even more Google products that make your daily life a lot easier. Below we list the best offers for you.

Still haven’t found the offer you were looking for? You will find even more deals in the overviews below.

The prices of the above products have been supplied to us prematurely by the partner. It may happen that the partner makes adjustments to this during the actual Black Friday period. We therefore do our best to anticipate this as quickly as possible, in order to show you the right deal.

All products recommended in this article have been selected by the iPhoned editors without commercial influence. These products can be referred to with an affiliate link. If you purchase something through this link, iPhoned may receive a commission. Knowing more? View our editorial statute.

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