You can safely buy these older iPhones in 2021

Are you going to buy an iPhone in 2021, but you don’t necessarily need the very latest? Then an older model can be an excellent choice, although you have to be careful. We have tested all older iPhones again and in this video we indicate which models are (not) worthwhile.

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Review update video: Retested older iPhones

2020 is the busiest iPhone year ever with the introduction of the iPhone SE, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Older models are also widely available and making a choice is thus becoming increasingly difficult. In the video below we will therefore help you briefly and concisely.

We have retested all older iPhones that can run the latest software version (iOS 14). The starting point for these review updates was simple: is the device still worthwhile in 2021, or is it better to ignore it? We have packaged the conclusions of these separate updated reviews in a clear video.

Did the video go a little too fast, or would you like more information about why you should or should not buy a particular iPhone? Then read the written review update. Here we discuss the pros and cons of the older models in detail.

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