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You can now take better night photos with Pixel 6

You can now take better night photos with Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 camera app is getting an update that makes Night Sight mode much faster, making it easier to take a good nighttime snapshot. Night Sight has been on Pixel phones for many years (since Pixel 3) and is considered a mode that allows you to take a very well-lit photo in the dark without a flash.

Google Camera 8.8

With the Google Camera update version 8.8 on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, you get less blurry photos because the exposure time is shorter than before. This allows you to shoot a better result faster. Google also indicates that updates have been made to HDR + and that new techniques have been used to ensure that there is no noise in the photo.

Noise in the photo means that white-gray that you sometimes see in places that should really be black. The more noise that disappears, the better the photo will look. In fact, Google writes that photos are now sharper: “Night Sight now takes only half the normal exposure time to produce beautiful low-light images that are sharper than before.”

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Longer exposure time

In addition, there is something new. You can immediately see whether you already have the new update on your phone, because there is a new circle at the bottom right. If you tap that you can select ‘2 seconds’ or ‘max’ (which means up to 6 seconds): then you notice that when you take a photo, you have to wait two to six seconds for it to be properly captured. How long it takes depends on the lighting conditions. In daylight, a camera often doesn’t need that long to take a snapshot, while in the evening you sometimes spend a long time watching a loading round when you want to record something.

Google therefore gives you a much shorter exposure time on the one hand and the option to opt for a longer exposure time on the other. The difference in photo will be clearly noticeable. Often, however, a longer exposure time means that your photo must also be very still for longer, with the use of a tripod usually ensuring the best, motionless result.

Google Cam

Google Camera is the official application for Android for taking photos and is available for any device running Android 4.4 or higher. It is under..

At the moment, the update is only available as a sideload, so it is not yet ready in the Play Store.

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