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You can now mute someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp gives you more control during a conversation, you can now mute someone yourself.

The well-known messaging service WhatsApp seems to be catching up with the rollout of new functions. In recent days we have seen many new developments in the field of privacy. However, there is even more new. This gives you the opportunity to mute someone during a group conversation on WhatsApp.

A small, but secretly very pleasant feature. For example, someone may have forgotten to mute themselves in such a group conversation. Then you hear all kinds of sounds while someone else is speaking. With the push of a button it is now possible to virtually silence this individual. This allows you to better hear what the active speaker is really saying.

There can be many reasons why you want to mute someone on WhatsApp during a group conversation. This is just an example. It’s nice that the messaging service now gives you this freedom.

Also much needed, because WhatsApp naturally has to deal with fierce competition. Innovation is therefore important. Especially if others do have a function and you are behind the times as a messaging service.

In addition to the possibility to mute an individual, it has also become possible to message someone personally from a group conversation.

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