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you can (not) do all this behind the wheel

WhatsApp works in Android Auto, but not like your phone. In this article, we’ll show you what you can and can’t do with the popular chat app on the go.

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Using WhatsApp with Android Auto

Officially, Android Auto is not available in the Netherlands, but Google’s platform for on the go has been built into the operating system as standard since Android 10. There is a good chance that you can ‘just’ get started with Android Auto behind the wheel. As with the phone version, you can use apps in the car platform, including WhatsApp.

However, the Netherlands’ most popular chat app works quite differently behind the wheel than on your phone. Time for an overview: you can (not) do this with WhatsApp in Android Auto.

1. Read messages

Your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road: that’s how you should drive. The main function of WhatsApp in Android Auto is therefore the ability to read incoming messages. When someone sends you an app, the Google Assistant can read the content of this message. This is useful, because that way you only have to listen and you can focus on the road.

Android Auto works closely with the Google Assistant, even when it comes to WhatsApp. Therefore, make sure that the voice assist is on. To do this, open the Google Assistant app on your smartphone, go to the settings (three lines at the top right) and choose “Voice Match”. Slide the switch at “Hey Google” so that the assistant listens to the voice command.

2. Text without having to type

Reading a WhatsApp message is fun, but you also want to be able to answer safely. Fortunately, you can. On the go, simply say “Hey Google, send a WhatsApp message to [naam]”, Wait a second or two and then enter the content of the message. WhatsApp then repeats what you just dictated and it’s up to you to refine, cancel, or just send the content.

Do you receive a WhatsApp message that you want to respond to? Then say “Hey Google, respond” followed by what you want to say. WhatsApp again repeats what you just dictated and asks for permission to send the message.

Android Auto app for smartphones will stop

3. This is not possible on the road

Stay informed and send messages: that’s in a nutshell what you can do with WhatsApp in Android Auto. The possibilities of the chat app are therefore quite stripped down along the way. For example, calling and listening (or sending) voice messages is not possible. Also, you cannot view received stickers, photos, GIFs and videos behind the wheel. Very safe.

More about Android Auto

Are you running an older Android version? Then you can still download and install Android Auto in a detour by getting started with apk files. As said before, Android Auto is officially not available in the Netherlands. Whether this will change with the successor, Android Automotive, is still the question.

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