You can exercise at home with these fitness equipment


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The stairs are a great alternative to a fitness machine – walk up and down a few times a day and you train your buttocks without realizing it. And by lugging some bags of groceries (or your laundry, children’s toys or these weights) upstairs, you also grab your arm muscles right away.


No matter how relaxed aerobics may look, you do intensively train the right muscles. Just one thing: for many online exercises you need a step. The professional Tunturi Aerobic Step Pro is adjustable in three positions and has a user weight of 120 kg. We say: turn on music and step on! Order it here, but be quick, because gone = gone.


A big deal, but a very good one. A lap at a good pace in the open air is one of the best ways to lose some calories: someone weighing 70 kilos can quickly burn 850 calories per hour. Not that we count … Oh, and to make sure you don’t have to hold your phone in your hands while running, a running belt is ideal. Order it here.

Morning gymnastics

Every bit helps, so it is not at all wrong to set up ‘Nederland in Beweging’ for an hour. Do you care that most viewers are elderly people. Let Olga Commandeur beat you up and you can face it all day long. If you don’t want the neighbors to see you, just close the curtains.

Also useful during your exercises in the morning are a fitness ball. With this you can easily train muscles that you did not even know existed. Order it here.


Yoga not a sport? We can assure you: that downward dog will really cause muscle pain in the long run. The only thing you need is a soft surface, for example this fine yoga mat. And a video in which someone demonstrates the exercises correctly, otherwise you will have a strained back for the rest of the week.

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Jumping rope

According to experts, ten minutes of skipping rope equals 45 minutes of running and you actually train everything at once: your abs, your shoulders and your arms. So are those toys lying around good for something? Do you prefer a professional? Order it here.

Fitness apps

The children in bed, you spend an hour in the attic for a nice workout. With an app on your phone or tablet you know exactly what to do and you are encouraged by your own personal trainer: so no more excuses that you don’t feel like it. For example, download the Daily Training app for free, where you can do ten different types of training sessions of 5 or 10 minutes. You will receive instructions on the screen with a handy example video.

Another good fitness app is Sworkit, which can be downloaded from Apple and Android. Also free and the possibilities are endless: you can do more than 230 exercises divided into different categories. A few minutes of strength training and then stretching, or would you rather work on your cardio? Your progress is tracked, so you can check exactly how much you have exercised every month. In other words: a nice big stick.


You may not think about it quickly, but a few hours of odd jobs in the garden is very healthy. Did you know that you burn more than 300 calories per hour if you have green fingers? So grab those pruning shears or broom and get started. Extra nice: because you are busy, you probably do not even realize that you are losing weight. Okay, you just might have muscle pain in your back the day after.


That’s the great thing about American fitness freaks: they are so enthusiastic that you are automatically inspired. On YouTube you will find numerous videos of women working up a sweat in groups – with results. From pilates for beginners to special training for your abs.

Roll out your mat at home, turn on the video and imitate the ladies: you can count on getting a taste for it in no time. Prefer something less happy-de-peppie? There are also plenty of videos of workouts where things are slower, but which are just as effective.

Do it together

Nobody wants to exercise alone, especially when it is dark in the evening and you prefer to sit on the couch with a glass of wine. So go jogging or cycling with your girlfriend: here you will find the best mother’s bikes. Or take a long walk of at least an hour and have a nice chat – then you will burn more than 70 calories while you barely notice it.

Don’t have time for girlfriends? Then you grab your kettlebell yourself (can be ordered here) or do your squats in the attic and share your efforts with sporty friends or on your socials. Because the more you motivate each other, the more often you go and – that’s what we do it for – the better the result.

To clean

Maybe not your favorite activity, but if you know that it burns a lot of calories. To give you an idea, cleaning the bathroom for an hour burns 400 calories. Add to that an hour of window cleaning (300 calories) and you can cancel your gym subscription.

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