Xiaomi showed his own Smart Glasses. He can do great tricks

The Chinese company Xiaomi introduced its today own smart glasses, simply named Smart Glasses. They meet essentially all reasonable expectations that can currently be had with such a device. The manufacturer promises that it is definitely not just an additional display for the phone, but in many ways about independently functional device. The system is built on Android.

The glasses weighing 51 grams bet when displayed on MicroLED panel directly on the right “slide”, being a monochrome display with a very high brightness of two million rivets. The human eye can see the content on the display and at the same time the common environment also thanks to the fact that Xiaomi Smart Glasses work with by reflecting light at an angle of 180 degrees.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses | Showcase | A display in front of your eyes

The novelty consists of a total of 497 components, including sensors and communication elements, so it is independent of mobile phones for many things. In addition to displaying notifications, it can independently offer, for example, navigation, taking photos, teleprompters and especially instant translation of the text from the image before your eyes. The 5mpx camera takes care of shooting. Other basic elements include an ARM processor, batteries, touchpad, WiFi and Bluetooth modules.

Thanks to the presence speaker and microphone It will go out of the glasses without any calls and the audio input can even be used for instant speech translation. O notification management and other visual elements which could, in certain situations, interfere in large quantities or be directly dangerous, care should be taken XiaoAi AI Assistant. Of course, notifications are also envisaged, for example, from elements of the smart home. In the case of navigation, the novelty can show a mini map with streets and at the same time large directional arrows. We do not know the price or availability yet, but we are trying to find out.

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How much do you guess that Xiaomi Smart Glasses will cost?

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