Xiaomi Mi Band 5 receives an update that will be useful to many people

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 receives a new update that allows you to measure sleep 24 hours a day. This bracelet will be the first from Xiaomi to have this function. Until now, it was only possible to monitor sleep at a certain time.

Mi Band 5 can measure sleep 24 hours a day

It’s definitely nice that Xiaomi is constantly trying to improve its bracelets with firmware updates. It is basically a device for a few hundred and yet there is the effort. This new update also includes support for Indonesian, Greek, Vietnamese, and Hebrew. You will need to download the latest version of the application for availability Mi Fit 4.8.0 and the update itself is then referred to as v1.0.2.46.

Given that until then it was possible to record sleep only in the evening, this innovation will help people who have, for example, night shifts. If you slept during the day, the bracelet did not record activity.

Will you take advantage of this new feature?

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