Xiaomi Mi Air Charge can wirelessly charge phones throughout the room

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge is a new technology that the Chinese company introduced on Friday morning. This is a completely new type of charging. Xiaomi speaks of it as a revolution in wireless charging and as the first example of a completely wireless era of charging. With the Mi Air Charge, phones can be charged up to several meters away. It doesn’t even matter if there is an obstacle between the transmitter and the phone.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge wants to change wireless charging

At present, we know mainly wireless charging using the Qi standard, which can theoretically work at a distance of up to forty millimeters. In real use, however, the maximum distance is much smaller, usually in units of millimeters, which is convenient to the fact that when charging we do not have to remove the cases from the phone. New technology from Xiaomi promises charging at a distance of several meters.

#MiAirCharge Technology | Charge Your Device Remotely

It is currently needed to function a giant transmitter that resembles a bedside table in size. It can be used to charge supported phones at 5 W. Charging is not limited to one device. Multiple phones within range can be charged at the same time. The phones themselves must be specially modified.

The phones are equipped with fourteen antennaswhich receive waves from the transmitter and are converted into electricity via a rectifier. It already travels directly to the phone’s battery. The transmitter itself has five antennas that are used to locate the phone in the room. Then 144 antennas are used, which send a beam in millimeter waves to the phone. Xiaomi revealed that she also plans to charge this wireless charging for smart watches, bracelets and other wearable electronics in the future.

Motorola officially showed long-distance charging technology

Motorola officially showed long-distance charging technology

Chinese society did not disclose price or availability My Air Charge. This means that we will wait for some time before this or similar technology appears on the market. After all, just a few hours after Xiaomi, Motorola also hurried by demonstrating its own remote charging technology. Motorola has shown charging at a distance of 80 and 100 centimeters. It has also been revealed that it allows you to charge up to seven phones at the same time. However, we will have to wait for more information.

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