Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro with completely different camera module leaked

Xiaomi recently presented its new Mi 11 smartphone. However, this family will be expanded with even more devices. In any case, the Mi 11 Pro, it becomes clear. The still unannounced model can already be seen in leaked images.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is coming

It was not really a question of whether a Mi 11 Pro would arrive, but when. We cannot yet give a definitive answer to the latter, but it is certain that an announcement is imminent. The new Mi 11 Pro can be seen in a photo that has been released. On this we can clearly see the design of the Pro model, along with the model name and the mascot of Xiaomi. It is striking that Xiaomi opts for a completely different camera island with the Pro model.

Xiaomi’s smartphone will be equipped with an expanded camera, it becomes clear. It is also noticeable that the camera will offer 120x zoom. We suspect that this is largely digital zoom, so how useful it really is remains to be seen. The camera in the silver section is a so-called periscope camera. In addition, we expect that the main sensor will be equal to that of the Mi 11, which has 108 megapixels. A photo of the front is still missing.

As soon as there is more information to report about the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, we will of course keep you informed.

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