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Xiaomi Mi 11 invents genius trick for charger fiasco

Photo: Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro

After a PR fiasco, Xiaomi comes up with a handy trick regarding the Mi 11 charger issue. And it is consumer-friendly too.

Yesterday we wrote that Xiaomi is dropping a charger for their upcoming flagship Mi 11. That is true in principle, but the Chinese brand comes up with a cunning trick to keep the consumer a bit satisfied.

Xiaomi Mi 11 still gets a charger… partly

Xiaomi officially announced this weekend that it will not give a charger to the Mi 11, but they will come back to that a bit. After a lot of mockery from the smartphone industry, they adjust their strategy a bit. In the domestic market of China, the device does not get a charger. Outside of that, however, a brick remains in the package.

To AndroidAuthority, the brand explains:

As for the removal of the in-box charger, that was an announcement for the Chinese market. Xiaomi will release two versions, one with a smartphone only, the other with the smartphone and a separate 55W GaN charger as a bundle. Both packages receive the same price.

That last sentence is a godsend for consumers. The whole nonsense argument that consumers already have enough chargers at home has long been rejected. After all, if you want to use the Mi 11’s insanely fast charging, you need a solid new brick. They don’t usually have new customers lying around.

But if you want to support the environment a bit and / or you do have such a brick, you can go for the smartphone-only version. Now the Dutch yells in me that you have to choose the one with charger to possibly sell it. However, it is not even certain that the device will come here. And let’s hope that most consumers pay less attention to the little ones than I do!

The whole thing is also a bit of an over-correction after a PR fiasco. A few months ago, Xiaomi acted tough that they ‘left nothing missing from the box’. Those flies were already gone, which led to a portion of justified mockery. Regardless, they are very nice that they are launching two equally priced varieties!

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