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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Android 11 update now available: download it now

Do you have a Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and are you waiting for Android 11? Good news, because the update is now available! We show you how to install it.

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Xiaomi is rolling out Android 11 for the Mi 10 Pro

Xiaomi previously released a beta version of Android 11 for the Mi 10 Pro, but now the company comes with the official version. It is an ota update, in other words over the air. This means that you can download and install the new software directly on your smartphone. This is how you proceed:

  1. Open the Settings on your device;
  2. Scroll to ‘System’;
  3. Tap on ‘System updates’.

You should see the update now. The update file is a whopping 2.8GB in size, so it is wise to download it over WiFi. The installation may take a while, but after that you will benefit from all the advantages that Android 11 brings.

It’s always good to back up your Android before installing a major update. In principle, all data on your device is retained, but of course something can go wrong.

At the same time as Android 11, you can also immediately install the October 2020 security update, so that you are better protected against vulnerabilities. In addition, Xiaomi is implementing a number of small improvements for the cameras.

Get started with Android 11

Android 11 brings a ton of new features and improvements to your Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. For example, this version of the operating system is better suited for 5G. Furthermore, Google has made Android 11 more privacy-friendly. For example, you can now give apps one-time access to your location or camera, after which this permission is automatically revoked.

A nice new feature are the chat bubbles. Chat apps that support this feature now let conversations float like a bubble on your screen. Even if you use other apps. We already knew that function from Facebook Messenger. You do not have to open the chat apps every time you want to type a message.

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