Xiaomi is preparing a number of new smart products this year

Xiaomi’s vice president and CEO of Redmi, Lu Weibing, announced that Xiaomi will release even more smart products this year than ever before, GizmoChina recalls. As if Xiaomi didn’t have enough of those products anyway. We have already met with vacuum cleaners, rice cooker, umbrella, car camera, TV, laptop, Wi-Fi router and many others. They are great, they are available and they offer a lot of interesting functions and accessories.

We will see other IoT (Internet of Things) smart products

These will be products that will be connectable to the Xiaomi ecosystem. In short, this means that you will have an overview of their functionality from your mobile phone anywhere and anytime. To do this, Xiaomi uses the Mi Home application, in which you register any electronic product from Xiaomi with Internet support. Then in this application you have an overview of whether it is currently turned on and what its settings are.

Lu Weibing’s announcement applies mainly to his home China, but we have no doubt that sooner or later these new smart products will also come to Europe. These will be new products not only in the sense that it will be a new version of the existing model, but they will also be devices that Xiaomi has not yet produced. We do not yet know what this is all about.

It will be called smart home products, so maybe we will also see a smart refrigerator, washing machine or something in this style from Xiaomi.

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