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Xiaomi goes after Samsung – Apparata

Not only Samsung and Huawei, but also Xiaomi is going to the foldable smartphone. What can we expect?

In addition to the luxury segment of smartphones in the price category 800, 900 or even 1000 euros, you now have a category above that. There are the foldable smartphones from Huawei and Samsung, among others. For 1,500 to even 2,000 euros you can shop at the mentioned brands. But there is a risk of hot breath on the neck of Xiaomi, which also has ambition to develop a foldable smartphone.

Xiaomi foldable smartphone

Xiaomi does not go for one foldable smartphone, but immediately puts it high with three copies for 2021. The brand can jump into a hole where no one operates yet. Namely the market of affordable folding smartphones. Xiaomi has a reputation to uphold for offering low-cost devices. By cheaply releasing a foldable smartphone with good specs, the Chinese might break through.

The three Xiaomi foldable smartphones are also three different models. This allows the brand to compete with all kinds of variants. For example, you have a large foldable phone such as the Huawei Mate XS, but also a compact one such as the Motorola Razr. The market is currently still very small, partly due to the large price tags. Maybe Xiaomi will change that.

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