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‘Xiaomi flagship with 4K screen and curved edges coming’

A high-end Xiaomi device has passed by Chinese regulators. The device has a 4K OLED screen with curved edges, and that catches the eye. It also gets up to 16 GB of RAM and 5212 GB of storage, but there is still a lot of uncertainty about the device.

Xiaomi phone with 4K screen

An unknown Xiaomi phone has been certified by the Chinese regulator TENAA, and while few details are known, it is a device that stands out. Mainly because of its 6.55 inch 4K OLED screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It’s not the first time we’ve seen such a high-resolution screen on phones, but it’s still a rarity.

Sony is particularly known for it with its Xperia 1 range, but because 4K displays are such a power hog, the Xperia 1 III also has software that determines when the high resolution is used and when not. Usually the panel simply displays Full HD, and that is also because screens today have a higher refresh rate, which also has an impact on the battery life.

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Camera under the screen?

We can already get a glimpse of the design of this Xiaomi phone. The device has curved edges, and it seems that we do not see a notch for the selfie camera. He may have a camera under the screen as with the Mi Mix 4, but that is not yet certain. We already get to see that the smartphone will appear with RAM and storage of up to 16 and 512 GB. The smartphone would appear with Android 11 according to the data, but it is possible that Xiaomi will still market it with Android 12.

You may be wondering which series this phone belongs to, and there is still uncertainty about that. The fact that this device can be seen with a regulator means that it will normally appear in the short term. The model name from the description corresponds to the Xiaomi Civi, and so it may be a more high-end variant. It is already known about the Civi that it will not come to the Netherlands, and there is a possibility that the same fate awaits this phone. So it remains to wait for more updates about this device.

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