Xiaomi celebrates. It has already opened more than 1,000 stores globally

Xiaomi has achieved another great success. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, it has managed to open more than 1,000 Xiaomi stores globally. The Gizmochin portal informed about the news.

This number does not include Mi Stores in India and China. Xiaomi has already opened more than 3,000 stores in India alone and more than 5,000 in China.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G | Photo: Editorial staff

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

It took the company five years to achieve this success. During the expansion, it focused mainly on Western and Central Europe, where it has a chance to take over customers of Huawei, which cannot use Google services due to problems with the US government. In addition, Xiaomi plays into the carat price-performance ratio of their products.

Xiaomi has prepared exclusive gifts and discounts for the opening of 1,000 stores

Xiaomi 1000 shops gifts
Photo: Gizmohina.com

On this occasion, the company organizes a special event in the online and offline world. For fans of the brand, it has prepared exclusive gifts marked with the new Xiaomi logo and the words “Thank you” in various languages ​​and discounts on selected products. The event will be launched by an online event, which will be accompanied by sales in some Xiaomi stores.

Xiaomi is gradually opening new stores in Slovakia as well

Xiaomi currently has 5 official stores in Slovakia. Two of them are located in Bratislava, one in Žilina and recently two stores were added in the east of Slovakia – in Prešov and Košice.

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