Xiaomi alarm clock with all the trimmings now for sale in NL

Do you want an advanced alarm clock, but don’t want to use your smartphone? The Xiaomi alarm clock is a good alternative.

No, you are not the only one who has missed the alarm once. Then you start thinking. Was it just me or the alarm clock? The undersigned always blames the smartphone. I am that stubborn. It is of course best to use a real alarm clock. But as a lover of gadgets you want to have something nice.

Xiaomi alarm clock

The Xiaomi Smart Clock may be a funny outcome. This Xiaomi alarm clock will soon be officially available in the Netherlands and can be purchased in the brand’s webshop. The alarm clock has a 3.97-inch large screen that is also a touchscreen. You can use the alarm clock as a smart speaker and as an assistant to control other smart devices in your house.

For Xiaomi standards, this alarm clock is not dirt cheap. The alarm clock will cost 50 euros. So ask yourself if you are really going to find this worth the money. For example, it is so handy that you have other smart devices at home to use in combination with the alarm clock. Otherwise, you might as well get an old-fashioned alarm clock.

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