Xbox stopped, PlayStation continued

Two companies, two different approaches. Xbox pulled the plug on the One, while PlayStation continued with the 4.

2020 was the year that the new generation of consoles appeared on the market. In the case of Xbox, it was the Xbox Series X and S. For PlayStation, it was the 5. Both devices also had a predecessor. The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. What about that anyway?

This week it was announced that Sony has continued production of the PlayStation 4. Because the PS5 is still difficult to obtain, people can at least easily get a PS4. Microsoft has taken a different approach with Xbox. Microsoft tells The Verge that production of the Xbox One S will stop at the end of 2020. Since the beginning of 2021, the focus has immediately been one hundred percent on the next generation console, the Xbox Series X and S.

The problems are no less for Microsoft. The Xbox Series X and S are also hard to come by, as is the PS5. But in practice it sometimes seems easier to get an Xbox than a PlayStation. The shortages will continue for the time being. The problem of chip shortages will not just be solved this year or next year.

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