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Xaba develops 3D printed electric car

A group of Canadian auto parts makers are turning heads with Xaba’s Project Arrow: a 3D-printed concept car.

3D printer increasingly popular in the automotive industry

The 3D printer is increasingly becoming part of the tools used by manufacturers of car parts. Where it used to be a drama when a part hit production, now a part can be made to order with the help of a 3D printer (there are even metal 3D printers now).

This is a huge benefit for owners of rare cars. But the makers of car parts are of course also car enthusiasts. Hence the great enthusiasm to develop a car ourselves. You can also make parts with a 3D printer that are not possible using other manufacturing methods.

Car from Xaba 100% Canadian, as the first car

Canadians feel a bit like the Belgium or Luxembourg of North America. Big brother USA demands all the attention. The Xaba car is therefore a prestige project for the Canadians, because it is the first car ever to be made and designed entirely in Canada.

The car is also completely sustainable, because every part is sustainably produced and can be recycled. Xaba has also built a dedicated manufacturing facility, the Xaba Intelligent Machine, where industrial robots work together and are jointly controlled by a computer. Because the frame is made of a composite instead of metal, it weighs only 300 kg instead of 500 kg. That makes a significant difference in fuel consumption.

frame Xaba Project Arrow

Screen from Lenovo only non-Canadian part

A total of 60 Canadian manufacturers supplied parts for the concept car. And one non-Canadian company, Lenovo. But the screen that Lenovo supplied also has a Canadian touch. Because Lenovo works together with the Canadian Ontario Tech University.

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness for Canadian auto parts makers. That’s why the Xaba Project Arrow will be touring the world for the next two years. And the success of Xaba Project Arrow leaves you wanting more, so it could well be that in a few years you will be able to drive a real Canadian car.

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