X Apps on Android: Top 5

Did you know that your Android Smartphone can be naughty? The apps for adults are not lacking: porn videos and erotic games available in a few clicks to spice up your daily life and inspire your sex life.

Top 5 naughty apps to break the routine!

N ° 1: Action or Truth

Who has not already played this game that mixes questions and challenges! With more than 1000 questions and 7 categories, from easy to Xtrem couple, the free app simplifies the action or truth practice and offers a crescendo for an increasingly hot atmosphere. The function of adding your own questions and erotic challenges offers a nice customization of the game. The ability to add as many players as you want allows it to consider very special evenings. The application brilliantly renews this classic! Simply Unmissable.

No. 2: Pornhub

Mobile version of the famous Pornhub website, the online porn reference, the app gives access to thousands of videos of all categories. Everyone will find something to feed and support their fantasies with this app neat and very simple. Memorize your favorite categories for faster search and project the chosen video on your TV: your laptop is transformed into real cinema X! Discretion ensured thanks to the security of the application by password and absence of trace on the history of navigation.

N ° 3: 69 positions

You have heard of Kâmasûtra but you do not really know how to go about getting out of the classics of sexuality. The 69-position app gives you free introductions to 25 ways to make love and no less than 113 for a small fee. The app offers only an English version but do not worry if you are not a pro in the language of Shakespeare: descriptive diagrams are sufficiently explicit and precise to allow you to amaze your partner and climb with it him the steps of the 7th heaven. Note that some positions invite you to have fun with three. To consume without moderation!

N ° 4: Gagerotic

An application to discover new sexual horizons via erotic pledges in soft or hard mode. Ideal to learn the use of sex toys or practices not yet tested. Enter the name or pseudonym of each partner in the application and launch the game! Specifically Gagetoric will allow them to draw a random prize. The application allows to increment sex toys available in the room to allow him to adapt his offer of wages. Your Smartphone stands out as a playful coach of your sex life: the erotic pledges used as pretexts to pass smoothly from fantasy to reality.

N ° 5: Naughty Daughters


A game based on 3 dice: an action verb, a body part and a duration. You shake your cell and the dice make their verdict. Two modes for this game; soft or hot for sir or madam. If the words used are sometimes a little raw, we must name the things, the application brings a very playful side to the legs parts look. Attention is better to prepare for a certain stamina in view of the duration required by some dice: 30 seconds unlimited! Expect time and a certain openness.

These 5 top apps offer a glimpse of the naughty offer for Android apps. Whatever your choice, your Smartphone can become a faithful ally of your sex life. To be tested at least once for may become an aficionado of these applications not quite like the others.

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