WWDC 2021 and iOS 15: new for iMessage, Safari, Apple Plans and the Health app

The WWDC opening keynote on June 7, notably with iOS 15, should be an opportunity to have news for iMessage, Safari, Apple Plans and the Health app. This is in any case what announces the journalist Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal.

In a tweet, it indicates: “Next week at WWDC the walls will be even higher. Heard there are big updates for Safari, Health, Maps and iMessage at WWDC next week ”. Here, “the walls” refer to the fact that Apple has a closed ecosystem with iOS, in particular with the unique possibility of going through the App Store to download applications.

There have already been a few leaks for iOS 15. iMessage should indeed get a big update. Apple in particular would like its messaging to be more than that, even if it means becoming a kind of social network. This rumor has been reinforced in recent days with Apple’s promotional images for the WWDC, as well as the dedicated hashtag on Twitter that refers to iMessage.

For Health, it is rumored that iOS 15 will offer food tracking. Apple would provide an experience similar to what MyFitnessPal or other apps offer. On the other hand, there have been no particular leaks concerning the new features to come with Safari and the Health application.

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