WTF: dude builds working(!) USB-C port in an iPhone

Apple will get over that controversial EU law where iPhone must be connected to the USB-C input. Someone has already shown for a while that it is possible, even as an outsider.

Very recently, the EU ruled that there should be a uniform system for charging cables for telephones. That is, we have to get rid of a separate cable for each device. Everything has to be transferred to one system, in this case USB-C. That is the latest form of compact USB connections and the kind of input you will find on all Android devices, but also tablets and laptops: even the iPad and Macbook!

Lightning exit

Sounds like there’s really no reason to let it get to the point where the EU has to order Apple to stop with their stubborn Lightning connection. Apple’s well-known charging cable has been the cable they decided to use for the iPhone since the iPhone 5. If this law passes, Lightning will have to get out. Apple isn’t going to do that just like that.

USB-C in iPhone

In any case, it is not on the technical side that Apple is delaying USB-C for the iPhone for so long. You can do it yourself if you’re handy. That sounds impossible, but one Kenny Pi has managed to build a USB-C input into an iPhone.

There will be a follow-up video about the how and what, but for now you should know that it just works. Using custom parts building with 3D software and being clever with the engineering, you can build a working USB-C port in an iPhone. The video shows how the phone simply charges and your file management via iTunes also works. Who would have thought that!

How the saga with the USB-C for your iPhone will end for the official products is unknown. Apple should either give up or, as has been speculated for some time, release a “portless” iPhone that can only charge wirelessly. (via Kenny Pi)

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