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During yesterday’s Golden Joystick Awards, a new survival horror film called Wronged Us was announced. Although it does not arise in any large studio and clearly does not have a high budget, it intends to compensate for this shortcoming by inspiration in famous names.

As you can read on the project’s official website, Wronged Us is currently a solo project and its author hopes to build an entire team to complete the game. The main influences are Dark Souls, Silent Hill and Resident Evil. From the first, the game is supposed to borrow a system of quests that will not guide you by the hand, while the second one inspires it with its atmosphere. Well, Resident Evil will take the principles of action gameplay.

Wronged Us will offer an open world within a small town, non-linear gameplay and, in addition to action, of course puzzles. The game has been in development for about a year and a half, it has undergone a number of redesigns and its release is currently planned for 2023. It should arrive on a PC and console without further specification.

We can only hope that this inspiration from Silent Hill will turn out better than The Medium, which I have been looking forward to for so long, that it was one of the big disappointments of this year.

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