You can find out what awaits you on Sky and WOW (formerly Sky Ticket) in December 2022 here. The new series, which you can see with “Sky Entertainment” and “WOW series” as well as the film premieres, which you can see with the combination ticket “Films & Series” and “Sky Cinema” in the coming month, can be found here in the Overview.

New series in December 2022

With “WOW Series” or the “Sky Entertainment” package, you can watch the content of “Sky Atlantic”, “13th Street”, “Universal TV” and other channels in live stream and as an on-demand offer. in the December 2022 the following series starts are pending:

series (season) Channel begin
The Rehearsal (1) sky comedy 2.12.22
Panic 9-1-1 (3) Crime + Investigation 4.12.22
In the interrogation room (1) Crime + Investigation 5.12.22
American Dad! (18) Warner TV Comedy 6.12.22
Navy CIS: LA (14) 13th St 12/13/22
SWAT (6) sky one 14.12.22
The Wasp (2) sky one 12/15/22
With a love of murder Universal TV 12/17/22
The Real Murderers of Atlanta (1) Sky Crime 12/19/22
5 Avenue (2) sky comedy 12/20/22
New York Homicide (1) Sky Crime 12/21/22
The Vow (2) Sky Crime 12/23/22
Doctor Martin (10) sky one 12/24/22
The doctor and the dear cattle (3) sky one 12/24/22
Homicide for the Holidays (6) Sky Crime 12/25/22

Sky’s on-demand offer is more flexible than the other streaming services. Since not all series from external pay-TV stations are included in the long-term offer (the so-called “Sky Box Sets”), some episodes can only be accessed for a limited time after they have been broadcast.

New movies in December 2022

With the combination ticket “Movies & Series” you can also see the films of the “Sky Cinema” channels and “Warner TV Film”. in the December 2022 the following film premieres are coming up:

Genre (IMDb)
Very beautiful Drama (7.1) 2.12.22
Liftoff – With you to Mars Sci Fi (5.6) 3.12.22
Christmas with the Darlings Romcom (7.1) 5.12.22
The path Drama (-) 7.12.22
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Horror (5.2) 8.12.22
Saving the world we know tragic comedy (-) 12/11/22
Eiffel in Love Biopic (6.2) 12/12/22
parallel mothers Drama (7.1) 14.12.22
The emperor Biopic (-) 12/16/22
The wolf and the lion Adventure (6.1) 12/17/22
The deception Drama (6.6) 12/19/22
Cyrano Musicals (6.4) 12/21/22
Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Stuff Version Sci Fi (8.3) 12/22/22
The gangster gang Animation (6.8) 12/23/22
Laura’s Star family (6.3) 12/24/22
Jurassic World 3: A New Age Adventure (5.7) 12/25/22
ambulance action (6.1) 12/26/22
East wind – The great hurricane Adventure (-) 12/28/22
Downton Abbey II: A New Era Drama (7.4) 12/30/22

On December 30th you can catch Downton Abbey II: A New Era on WOW and Sky:

Downton Abbey II: A New Era | Trailer German #2

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