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Wololo Fit –

This application will allow you to manage and follow a bodybuilding / fitness training, indoors or at home, with or without equipment. Nearly 800 exercises are available today. A nutrition section is also present, with more than a million industrial products and nearly 3,000 raw products from ANSES, everyone being able to manage their nutritional agenda and create / share recipes.

Important motivation point: a social part allows you to put “likes”, to comment, to add photos, to communicate, to share sessions or even his nutritional diary.

Characteristics :

Bodybuilding & training:
– Create your workout among 785 exercises divided into 19 muscle groups.
– Exercises for training in the gym, at home or outdoors.
– Create your personalized program, for training indoors or at home, with or without equipment.
– Set up your sessions precisely: Number of sets, repetitions goals, weight goals lifted, rest time, taking into account the unilateral (right or left muscle), taking into account supersets.
– Evaluate your progress with precise indicators for each session, and for each muscle group: Weight lifted, number of repetitions, execution time, rest time, consideration of the unilateral (right or left muscle), account of declining series.
– Manage your measurements (weight, height, bicep circumference, etc.) and visualize your evolution.
– Filter the exercises according to the equipment available or the desired grip (pronation, supination or neutral / hammer).
– Share your sessions and measurements with the Wololo Fit community.
– Copy the sessions of other users and get inspiration from their workouts.

– Evaluate your daily calorie consumption using our nutritional diary: Calories consumed, fat consumed, carbohydrates consumed, proteins consumed.
– Create your personalized recipes and add photos and videos to them.
– Compare the nutritional values ​​of 1058 everyday foods and dishes.
– Select your dishes and foods from over 1.4 million products.
– Evaluate your products using the Nutri-score and the NOVA classification: Nutri-score: Level established according to the nutritional value of a product. NOVA classification: Classification of a product according to the degree of transformation of the materials of which it is made.
– View the details of each product: Photographs, acronutrients, micronutrients, ingredients, allergens, additives, labels.
– Scan the barcode of your products with your camera.
– Save your favorite dishes and foods.
– Share your recipes and your nutritional diary with the Wololo Fit community.

Wololo Fit community:
– Share your photos and videos.
– Share your workouts and your measurements.
– Share your recipes and your nutritional diary.
– React (Likes & Comments) to publications and participate in everyone’s progress.
– Subscribe to your favorite users and follow their progress.
– Communicate with our private messenger, send permanent and ephemeral photos.
– Communicate with our community using our forums (bodybuilding, nutrition, food supplements, etc.).
– Personalize the confidentiality of your data (sessions, measurements, nutritional diary, etc.).

All these functions are accessible free of charge for everyday users. No premium account required or limited features.
A “Coach” part should be added by the developer in the future. This will offer a subscription that will support the development of this project.
English translation is in progress.

Wololo Fit is an independent project, proposed by a programming enthusiast but also bodybuilding / nutrition.

Wololo Fit

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