With Xiaomi PowerBank you can quickly charge laptops


Xiaomi consists of several different power bank ranges. One of the most popular is Mi Power Bank. This time, Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 has been launched on the third generation. It supports fast 45W charging, so it can also charge notebooks via USB-C. So if they support USB-C PD standards. At the same time, it is pleased that the power bank itself can be quickly recharged. And in 4.5 hours.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 3 is a powerful power bank with fast 45W charging

It has a total of two classic USB-A connectors with support 18W charging and one USB-C which just supports fast charging. There are also LED indicators to see how much power bank power is left. A switching button is also on the side, similar to the older Xiaomi Mi Power Bank .


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