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With this streaming app, an AI makes the beats

Artificial intelligence can act as a lawyer in court, park and speak different languages. Recently they even write term papers at the university. Now there is also an AI DJ that generates cool beats. His name: Aimi.

How Engadget reports, Aimi has made some improvements since the app’s launch.

How does the AI-powered music app work?

Aimi users can press play to hear music, including tracks generated by artificial intelligence. Whereas users could previously adjust the tempo of the tracks on a scale from 1 to 10, the listeners’ preferences are now determined using a different system.

Aimi is based on continuous musical “experiences” that you can customize. Basically, you can control Aimi’s algorithm by tapping the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” buttons. Blissful background music, meditative sounds as well as lo-fi and deep house beats – the app offers “Experiences” with names like Serenity, Flow, Electronica and Push.

Behind every “experience” hides a certain mood. There are ten of them to choose from. The slowest beat is hidden behind Serenity and starts at 64 beats per minute, while Push comes up with 128 BPM.

You create music the way you like it

Aimi users: inside can interact with the music as it plays. You can just open their “Experiences” and tap “Play”. But what if the listener doesn’t like what he/she hears? No problem! That’s what the shuffle button is for. If you press this, you can configure a track with new sounds and beats.

Do you like the beat? All the better. Then there’s the “thumbs up” option, which the AI ​​remembers to give you more of in the future.

“Composition” mode controls music taste

A “Composition” mode gives users the ability to customize the music they’re listening to with four sliders. For example, you can use sliders like Intensity or Texture to control the number of effects Aimi uses, adjust harmonies and melodies, and communicate whether a composition sounds organic or synthetic.

“One of the strengths of generative music is that we can use it to attract casual listeners with enduring music experiences, and then introduce them to interactive music by letting them take control of their own music experience,” Edward Balassanian, CEO of Aimi, told Engadget .

The original plan was to offer a $10 per month premium subscription. However, during the beta phase, Aimi decided against it and is now making all functions available to users free of charge.

As the company announced, its platform is run by a team of in-house artists, including producers Knobcult, Blond:ish and DJ Monarke, among others.

Almost finished!

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