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With this online photo course from Tanja Jess you learn how to take the most beautiful snapshots of your child

So that from now on you can get your mobile toddler properly photographed.

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From acting to entrepreneurship: a striking step. How is that so?

“Due to corona, the acting industry has been down for a long time and as a result, like many other mothers, I have less work. That can make you depressed, but you can also think: ‘How can I use my creativity in a different way?’ Jeroen (photographer – ed.) And I know each other through mutual friends. He too has to miss a lot of assignments during this time, so that’s how things started rolling. ”

And together you came on a photo course for mothers …

“That’s right. I know better than anyone how annoying it is when you want to photograph your child at a rare moment, but that photo is then moved. Or that you take a selfie together and every bump in your face looks like a Mount Everest due to the wrong light. Many mothers – just like me – don’t feel like figuring out what all those options on a phone are for, but that’s actually a shame. Because with a few simple tricks, a photo becomes much more beautiful. And we explain them in short films that you can easily watch between companies. “

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We are curious about those tricks, tell us?

“What I learned as a layman, for example, is to use the ‘Studio Light’ setting on your iPhone – it already improves your photo enormously. You have a magic wand on a Samsung. With this you can edit everything while taking a picture … Oh, and did you already know the burst function?


“This prevents you from missing the supreme moment. Ideal if your children are busy playing or if your adolescent finds it ‘not cool’ to have a picture taken. ”

Sounds good! So after the course, every layman can take professional photos with his phone?

“Certainly. You really don’t need expensive studio lights or a photo camera, after all you always have your phone with you. During the course you will learn exactly what you need to do in order to shoot the right image with your mobile phone. From the position of your camera and playing with effects to composition and post-processing of your photos: nothing is left undiscussed. ”

Do you want to learn how to shoot the most beautiful photos of your child? Write here in for the course for € 49! Also very nice to give as a present during the holidays.

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