With these wireless vacuum cleaners (with a discount! ), weekly cleaning is a breeze

More junk, more dirt, less time. And with a child on your arm. Fortunately, technology lends us a hand, because a vacuum cleaner that is cordless is many times lighter and you can grab it much faster. A bonus: no more tripping hazards for your child (and for your clumsy self).

The best of the best with Tweakers

Tweakers is the largest website in the field of technology and electronics. You can compare electronics, but you will also find the best reviews. With Black Friday we partner with Tweakers to give you the very best deals that fit #momlife. From televisions, vacuum cleaners and strollers to the best deals on even your entire layette. This is the selection of the very best Black Friday deals.

BLACK+DECKER Extreme PET Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Dog and cat lovers can indulge themselves with this fine 4-in-1 vacuum cleaner. With the supplied pet brush, your carpet, sofa and even your pet’s basket can be cleaned in no time. Nice feature: the suction nozzle with integrated LED lighting, so you don’t miss a single piece of dirt or hair. Tweakers spots a price drop of 12%.

– Has a battery charge indicator: shows how much time you can vacuum
– You can knock out the filter of this vacuum cleaner quickly and easily thanks to a ‘pepper mill system’

I’m going for the BLACK+DECKER vacuum cleaner and now shop it here for €149

Bosch unlimited stick vacuum cleaner

Are you looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner or handheld vacuum with which you can tackle the couch? This Bosch vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-in-1 furniture brush and upholstery nozzle between all cracks and holes. Say goodbye to those breadcrumbs and .. God knows what else those kids drop in. Tweakers spots a price drop of 19%.

– Convenient to charge thanks to the wall holder with charging function
– Comes with a special Bosch battery that you can exchange with devices from the Bosch Home & Garden line

The cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch comes along! Now for €179,-

Rowenta Xpert 360

The Rowenta cordless vacuum cleaner has it all: with its 2.2 kg it is nice and light, is equipped with fine LED lighting that allows you to see dirt better and comes with handy accessories. For example, with the mini turbo brush you can easily remove animal hair. Psst, Tweakers spot a price drop of no less than 29% on the Rowenta!

– Operating time of 45 minutes
– Wall charging station for easy storage of the vacuum cleaner and accessories

I’m going for the Rowenta X-pert 360 and shop it here for €149

Philips SpeedPro Max

Another all-rounder: the unique 360-degree nozzle of this cordless vacuum cleaner from Philips picks up dust and dirt with every movement, even backwards and in corners. The biggest plus of this Philips cordless vacuum cleaner? You can clean cordlessly for up to 65 minutes. Do you just feel like vacuuming for an hour, but hey, it’s handy! Tweakers spots a price drop of no less than 20%.

– Suitable for all types of floors, so no need to change nozzles
– Digital Smart LED display indicates speed setting and battery life

Yes, I’m going for the Philips SpeedPro Max and shop it here with a €150 discount

BOSCH Cordless stick vacuum cleaner Athlet 25.2

Enough to do other than cleaning the vacuum cleaner itself? we get it. You want this cordless vacuum cleaner from BOSCH: The washable high-tech filter materials of this device last as long as the entire service life of the device and you no longer need to replace dust bags. Tweakers spots a price drop of 18%.

– Handy: the AllFloor HighPower Brush is suitable for all floors, from hard floors to carpet
– With Bosch Li-ion technology: long-lasting, powerful battery

The BOSCH Athlet is for me, I can shop it here for €222,-

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