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With these TOPModel gifts you will give your child an unforgettable Christmas

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With the TOPModel Make-up Coloring book your child can endlessly practice making the most beautiful hairstyles and faces. And with the included stickers, the models can even be provided with earrings and other jewelry. Order it here

Do you regularly end up in half a struggle as soon as you want to do your child’s hair? With this brush that is a thing of the past. It is nice and big, fits nicely in the hand and you will not lose it. Order it here

In this set you will find ten sheets of letter paper with envelopes, a silver sticker sheet, an adhesive tape holder with different tapes, two stamp pads and eight stamps. In short: everything your child needs to write a sweet (love?) Letter. Order it here

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How cozy: this pencil with pompom. In the colors mint, pair, light pink and pink. Order it here

A beautiful pencil case for when your child can go to school again. Order it here

Or go for a filled one full of markers, colored pencils, glue, an eraser and scissors. Order it here

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