With these tips, playing outside will be even more fun for your child

That is why she shares the best tips – so that your child will enjoy going outside from now on.

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Tree race

Take a walk and come up with all kinds of ways to get from one tree to another. Walk, hop, run, hop, walk backwards, do frog jumps or walk sideways. Always agree what you are going to do with a new tree. That is a sporty breath of fresh air. You can play this game with lampposts instead of trees.

Outdoor butter cheese and eggs

Find a few long (and fairly straight) branches. Make a butter-cheese-and-egg grid out of this. No branches nearby? Then draw the grid with sidewalk chalk. Then look for pine cones, acorns, small branches or stones. Who is the first to have three in a row? Just play!

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Outside blind male

One person puts on a blindfold – for example, use a tea towel or scarf. Take the blind man into the garden and spin it a few rounds. Now you can give directions: ten steps forward, turn to the right, duck! The blind man is allowed to feel and guess where he is and what he feels. Good guess? Then you switch roles.

Outside twister

Grab your sidewalk chalk and draw a row of red, a row of green, a row of blue and a row of yellow circles and color them. Make rows of six circles each time. And then… shout: left foot on green! Right hand on red!

Tree research

You may already know how to calculate the age of a tree when trees have been cut down (count annual rings), but what about still living trees? Here it comes. You will need: a tape measure, pencil and paper. Find a nice tree and wrap your tape measure around the trunk. Divide the circumference in centimeters by 2.5 and voilĂ : there you already have the age. Example: a tree with a circumference of 40 cm is about 16 years old.

Minke is a mother of three and on a mission to get as many children out as possible every day. She helps parents / carers with her Instagram account @scharrelkids, a platform full of outdoor play inspiration for every day. Her website will also go live soon: www.scharrelkidsclub.nl

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