With these sex toys you train your pelvic floor

Many women get pelvic floor complaints during or after pregnancy, but did you know that you can ease this pain with the help of sex toys? And then – a nice bonus – they also bring a lot of pleasure.

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Vibrating eggs

Vibration Egg Pink - EasyToys

This is the perfect toy for you and your partner. It can go anywhere and the remote control allows you to completely relinquish control. The egg has ten different positions, so that your partner decides for himself how difficult he will make it for you at the supermarket checkout. Then try to stay still.
– Works up to 20 meters
– Suitable for foreplay and training of the pelvic floor muscles
– Available in multiple colors

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Skittle balls

Pillow Talk - Frisky Pleasure Balls - Pink

These balls not only train your pelvic floor muscles (after all, your muscles have to contract to keep them inside), they also provide a good feeling while wearing. You can wear them all day long: whether you are at home or on your bike.
– Skin-friendly, silicone surface
– Easy to insert
– Strong and safe cord

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Ben Wa Ballen

These balls provide a nice feeling and help you train your pelvic floor muscles and do Kegel exercises. The result: more intense orgasms, easier orgasms, more control over your pelvic floor muscles and no more incontinence. Good to know: these balls are especially suitable for people who already have experience with sex toys. Read here how to use them exactly.
– Available in several models and colours
– Can be used with any lubricant
– Easy to clean

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