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With these iPhone tips it will be really cool

In iOS 16, the lock screen has received a major update. With these three iPhone tips you can turn your lock screen into something really cool!

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iPhone tips for iOS 16 lock screen

The lock screen (or lock screen) has undergone a massive makeover in iOS 16. You can now display an image with depth on the screen, and it’s even possible to place widgets on it. In these iPhone tips, we’ll show you how to turn your lock screen into something really cool.

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1. Cool backgrounds for the lock screen

When you start customizing the new lock screen on your iPhone with iOS 16, you don’t have a ton of options to choose from. You can of course use some of your own photos or roll up your sleeves and look online. But there is an easier way to find beautiful and especially suitable wallpapers for the iOS 16 lock screen.

Lock Screen Wallpapers +

Lock Screen Wallpapers +

Cristian Daniel Babin

You do that with the app Lock Screen Wallpapers +. It contains a complete collection of backgrounds that you can use (almost) all for free. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

The app contains a number of wallpapers for which you do need a subscription. You can recognize it by the word ‘PLUS’ in the top right corner. But there are plenty of backgrounds that you can also use for free. On the main page, just scroll down and there you will find quite a few backgrounds that you can use.

Lock screen wallpapers app

To set a wallpaper, tap it. Then tap on ‘Download free image’. The background will then be in your Photos app. Then keep your finger on the lock screen of your iPhone until you are allowed to adjust it. Tap the blue ball with the plus sign and choose ‘Photos’. Choose the photo you just chose And adjust the size to your liking. Finally, tap on ‘Add > Set as Wallpaper Pair’.

2. Set multiple photos on your lock screen

Of course it’s nice to use one of your own photos as a background picture on the lock screen. But wouldn’t it be more fun if you could use several photos at once for this? And that your iPhone then switches between the photos?

Which can! For example, you can set it to show a different image every hour or even every lock. And for several nice wallpapers on your iPhone, we have some extra tips for you: check out our Weekly Wallpapers!

iOS 16 lock screen: automatically change the wallpaper

  1. Hold down your finger on the lock screen and tap the blue little plus sign;
  2. Choose the option ‘Shuffle photos’ at the top and tap ‘Choose photos manually’;
  3. Select the photos you want to use and tap ‘Add’;
  4. Adjust the first photo as desired, to adjust the other photos tap the button with the six blocks;
  5. Tap the button with the three dots and choose how often the background should be changed;
  6. Then tap ‘Add > Set as background pair’.
lock screen multiple images

3. Adjust background color on lock screen photos

When you use a photo with a person on your lock screen, you can customize it even further. It is possible to change the background color. This way you can make the image fit perfectly for your device.

You can’t do this with every photo with a person. Sometimes it’s just a matter of trying out which photo works and which photo doesn’t. Photos taken with portrait mode often work.


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  • Hold down your finger on the lock screen and tap the blue little plus sign;
  • Swipe left until you see the ‘Color background’ option (isn’t this option listed? Then you need to choose a different photo);
  • Tap on the ball with the three dots and choose ‘Background color…’;
  • Select the desired color to customize the background;
  • Close the window by tapping the cross;
  • Tap Add > Set as Wallpaper Pair.
Set background color lock screen

More iPhone Tips for iOS 16

In addition to the renewed lock screen, iOS 16 has many more fun new functions. Do you want to know what other functions there are? For more iOS 16 tips, check out “iOS 16 Is Out – You Should Try These iPhone Features.” Also check which 3 functions you should immediately turn off when you have iOS 16.

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