with these iPhone apps you will make them come true

Happy New Year! Now that the donuts are gone and normal life is starting again, there is work to be done. High time to start on your good intentions. These iOS apps will get you started.

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Apps for your New Year’s resolutions

Spending less, exercising more often, calling a good friend every week: good intentions come in all shapes and sizes. You will eventually have to perform the associated tasks yourself, but your iPhone can support it. These are the best iOS apps for your New Year’s resolutions.

1. Choose a goal

The first step in the right direction is to establish a goal. The Coach.me app helps you perfectly with this. In this app you will find thousands of New Year’s resolutions and you can track your progress every day and share it with others with the same goal. There are tons of goals to choose from: run three miles every day, learn four new words of a foreign language every day, or read a book every week. There is a suitable community for every goal. In addition, you can also call in the help of a professional coach for some goals.

2. Getting finances in order

Do you have a hole in your hand, or do you want to put money aside for that one dream trip? Then a budget app comes in handy. Even if you basically have no financial goals, such a program is useful. You become more aware of your expenses, and that is never wrong. Good budget apps are the Dutch Spendo and Financieel.



Maurice van Breukelen

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3. Work on your body

You can of course work on your physical condition in the gym, but your iPhone also has an excellent app installed. The Activities app keeps track of exactly how much you move per day, provided you have an Apple Watch. You can also challenge friends, set goals and register workouts.

Do you prefer to be active in the fresh air? Then try running, for example with Runkeeper. The program motivates you in an accessible way to regularly go for a walk. Are you going to work with weights this year? Then install GymBook. This fitness app is packed with great workouts to build muscle mass.

Runkeeper - Sports app with GPS

Runkeeper – Sports app with GPS

FitnessKeeper, Inc.

GymBook - Strength training

GymBook – Strength training

Appwise GmbH

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Best running apps

4. Eat healthier

Exercise is important, but so is a healthy diet. However, putting together a good diet is still quite a job. Fortunately, there are several apps that provide insight into what you eat and how you can eat even more healthily. Our favorite is Lifesum, an incredibly comprehensive calorie counter.

The great thing about the app is that you can choose from multiple goals, including losing weight, gaining muscle mass or gaining weight. Next, Lifesum encourages you with nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, the app contains a wealth of information, such as the specific nutritional value of a product.

Lifesum: Recipes & Diet Tips

Lifesum: Recipes & Diet Tips

Lifesum AB

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best calorie counter apps

5. More relaxed

Do you want to focus more on mindfulness this year? Then the Breathing app from Apple can help you with that. This app is standard on every Apple Watch and helps you bring a moment of peace into your day.

No Apple Watch? No worries. There are also all kinds of other relaxation and meditation apps such as Headspace and the VGZ Mindfulness Coach. Both apps guide you through a relaxation exercise in a calm and accessible way.

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace Inc.

VGZ Mindfulness coach

VGZ Mindfulness coach

Health insurer VGZ

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Good intentions

4. Tackle smartphone addiction

You probably spend too much time on your iPhone too. However, resolving this addiction is easier said than done, I know from experience. Luckily, Screen Time on your iPhone can get you started. The ‘app’ keeps track of how much time you spend on your phone and tries to combat addiction.

In addition, there are numerous apps in the App Store that try to limit your smartphone use. A nice option is Forest. This app makes it a game to use your iPhone less. In the ‘game’ you are given the task to grow a tree. Once you reach for your iPhone, you’ll have to start over. That way you will automatically focus more on really useful tasks.

Forest - Stay focused

Forest – Stay focused


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Apple Removed Screen Time competitors from App Store

6. Become more productive

No matter how rich or poor you are, no one can buy more time. It is therefore important to think about the way you organize your life. A good starting point is to use a calendar app. We recommend Google Calendar and the standard Apple Calendar app, among other things. Both look clear, have a beautiful design and are packed with smart functions.

In addition, it is important to write down notes and tasks in an orderly manner. We recommend Things 3 for this, a versatile to do app. The program not only looks great, it also remains clear, even if you create dozens of tasks and folders. It’s also nice that Things 3 works on all your Apple devices.

Things 3

Things 3

Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

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7. Living more sustainably

In recent years, we have heard more and more sustainable good intentions. Being better for the environment doesn’t have to be difficult at all. A useful starting point is by throwing away less good food. Apps like Too Good To Go ensure that you can get good quality food for next to nothing. This is not only good for the environment, it also saves you money on your shopping.

You can probably also live a lot more sustainably when it comes to clothing. Whether you are looking for a unique item, or are suffering from a bulging walk-in closet: buying or selling second-hand clothing is easier than you think. Again this is a lot better for the environment and cheaper. A good app for second-hand clothes is Vinted.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go


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Good intentions

8. Learn new skills

A person never stops learning. In fact, how boring would life be if you had already mastered everything? One of the most common good intentions is to learn a new language. Are you lacking inspiration? Then try Chinese. This language is by no means easy, but it is probably (economically) interesting. A good app for learning Chinese is Chineasy.

Is learning a new language not for you, but are you creative? Who knows, there might be a good draftsman in you! Great drawing apps for iPhone and iPad are Procreate and Abobe Photoshop. Or do you want to learn to program? Then take a look at our overview of the best programming apps. And do you want to start a relationship again in 2020? Then consulting our dating app guide is definitely worth it.

Chineasy: Learn Chinese easily

Chineasy: Learn Chinese easily


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Sleep better

Do you sometimes get up more tired than going to bed? Then Sleep Cycle is recommended. This is by far the most popular app among the sleep apps for iPhone. Sleep Cycle registers the sounds you make while sleeping. These sounds are related to the sleep phase at that time. In this way, the app analyzes your sleeping behavior and selects the best moment to wake you up. The result? You wake up fresher and can start your day with more energy. Say goodbye to that snooze button.

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Good intentions

10. Capture memories

2020 flew by for many people. Blink twice and the month of March changes to December. Do you want to enjoy and capture the little moments more? Perhaps the Momento app will help you with this good resolution.

The app automatically pulls all your posts from Facebook, Instagram and other social media, so you only have to write a few short notes. You can also save photos and create an archive. That way you will no longer forget what you did, who you were with and where you have been.

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