With these games you can make a party at home in the evening

Ticket to Ride – Amsterdam

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Do you need a day in Amsterdam during this lockdown? Please welcome to the capital during the 17th century. In this game you compete to claim the most lucrative trade routes, complete contracts and collect valuable commodities. Something different than an afternoon of shopping, isn’t it?
– Age: 8+
– Number of players: 2-4
– Game duration: at least 15 minutes

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Perhaps one of the most famous board games ever. Buy the most beautiful streets, build houses and hotels and become rich. Nice little extra: this Dutch edition has been given a new look and adapted to this time.
– Number of players: 2-6
– Language: Dutch
– Game duration: 90 minutes

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Do you care that the gyms are closed: with this game you burn at least as many calories. If you manage to stay on your feet, then.
– Age: 6+
– Game duration: 10 minutes
– Includes mat and turntable map

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Four in a Row

A classic that is appreciated anyway. And as simple as that, because are you the first to have four in a row? Then you are the winner.
– Age: 5+
– Number of players: 2
– Family game

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Man do not worry!

Man do not worry! is the most played board game (in a luxury dice machine version!). This way you can be sure that the die does not roll off the table and that the pawns are still standing on the table even after a frustration hit.
– Number of players: 2-4
– 16 pawns
– Playing time: 30 minutes

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