With these 5 tips, your iPhone battery will last all day

It is still a challenge to use the battery of your iPhone for a whole day. We give you some tips.

Over the years, smartphones have made huge developments. Unfortunately, one issue has not been resolved to date. Namely, that your iPhone’s battery still tends to give up by the end of the day. Fortunately, you can do something about this yourself.

1. Delete unnecessary apps

Is your iPhone a mess with all kinds of apps that you don’t use anyway? Then grab the virtual vacuum cleaner. For example, some apps may request things from your iPhone in the background. If you are not using that app, it is better to delete it. A tidy iPhone is a tidy head. Or something.

2. Watch your own behavior and save your iPhone battery

A tip that does not affect your iPhone so much, but you. And thus directly on the battery of your iPhone. Popular apps such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok drain your battery. If you work with those apps dozens of times a day, chances are that your battery will not be able to last all day. So be more critical of yourself. Get rid of that iPhone in the toilet, stop the urge to check your feed every time and hoppa. Gained some battery life again.

3. Disable functions

It is of course nice and easy to leave functions on for when you do need them. But it is an unnecessary waste of battery life if the functions are on and you are not using them. Think of Bluetooth, GPS or NFC. Secretly this has an influence on the battery life.

4. Take advantage of the power saving mode for your iPhone battery

In the latest version of iOS it is possible to set a battery saver mode. Your iPhone will give you a helping hand. This is a great feature if you don’t want to take individual measures to save the battery. Mind you, this is a mode that intervenes hard. For example, the brightness of the screen can go to a position that you are not waiting for at all. So see this as a last resort if your battery percentage dips below 30 percent.

5. Choose the dark mode!

Personally, I am a huge fan of the dark mode. This works fine on both Android and iOS. Not only is it easier on your eyes, it is also good for battery life. That is, if you have an iPhone with an OLED display. Due to the black screen, the pixel in the display does not have to do anything. And that saves consumption for the iPhone battery. This does not work with an LED display.

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