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With the rental car tips from the ADAC, everything runs smoothly

If you are looking for a rental car for this year’s summer vacation, you should be prepared for a shock: the prices are skyrocketing. The ADAC reveals what you can do to protect yourself from overpriced offers and still be relaxed and mobile on vacation.

ADAC swears vacationers to expensive rental cars

Summer is just around the corner and with it the holiday season is back. If many Germans already have enough worries at the airport, where connections are to be canceled and there is chaos in handling, there could be unpleasant surprises at the holiday destination. Before warns the ADACbecause the Rental cars could be particularly expensive for many holidaymakers this year.

Many providers reduced their vehicle contingents during the pandemic. Now many customers are coming again, but the car manufacturers are stuck in a supply crisis: demand is increasing, prices are rising. “Despite the increased prices, one should When comparing prices, don’t trust the first lure offers”, says Tobias Ruoff, Managing Director of ADAC car rental. It is important to compare complete packages, otherwise you could quickly fall into a cost trap.

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The ADAC has a few tips to ensure that this does not happen:

  • Better book in advance through an agent: If you only look for a car at the airport, you could be disappointed or have to accept a hefty price premium. On the other hand, if you are already looking for a car in Germany, you have time to compare.
  • Adhere to the rental period: According to ADAC, a rental day is 24 hours. Anyone who exceeds the specified period by even a few minutes must expect to have to pay for another full day.
  • full to full option choose: If you pick up a rental car with a full tank of fuel, you should also return it with a full tank. A fuel flat rate is usually significantly more expensive than filling up yourself – even with the currently high prices. Alternatively, you can also try to get hold of a rental e-car.
  • Unlimited kilometers is to be preferred according to ADAC on vacation abroad. Although the rental price can rise, you are more flexible. If you don’t want that, you should plan ahead and stick to the plan, otherwise it will be expensive when you return it.
  • Big Vendors prefer: Those who book with international providers have better chances this year than with local small businesses. They’re usually cheaper though. However, the currently tense market situation is also causing prices to rise there. In addition, with fewer vehicles, the risk of being left without a car is greater.
  • Don’t skimp on insurance: The ADAC always recommends fully comprehensive insurance abroad. So you don’t have to worry on the go if something happens. In addition, the insurance should also be booked in advance, otherwise overpriced offers would be lurking on site.
  • always check for damage: The be-all and end-all when it comes to rental cars also applies this year. When picking it up and returning it, you should always check the car carefully for damage, scratches and the like. Also ensures that any defects are also correctly noted in the handover protocol. When you bring the car back, get a written confirmation that no new damage has occurred. This way you are protected from unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Whether at home or on holiday, there are many reasons for an electric car:

ADAC also helps itself

If you follow these tips, you should also be safe on the road with a rental car during this holiday. the But the chance of a bargain is not very high. Of course, the tips from the ADAC are not entirely unselfish, because the automobile club also offers rental car brokerage for holidays.

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