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With Android 14 you will soon be able to create your own emoji wallpaper for your Pixel

Gboard has its own Emoji Kitchen that lets you create stickers based on two emoji. Those emoji stickers may also come to Pixel phones that will soon run on Android 14.

Emoji kitchen for Pixel wallpapers

Tucked away in the latest Android 14 Developer Preview, XDA found something similar to an Emoji Kitchen for wallpapers on the Pixel phones. After the option was enabled, a new “Emoji Lab” option appeared with the wallpapers on the phone.

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Google is still working on this option, but it seems that Pixel owners will likely be able to choose from 14 emoji to create a custom background. Those custom wallpapers can be provided with ‘Mosaic’, ‘Lotus’, ‘Stacks’, ‘Sprinkle’ and ‘Prism’ patterns. In addition, there are several color options to choose from.

You can find the wallpapers created with the Emoji Lab in the same place. Handy if you want to set one as wallpaper. It also looks like Google lets you edit these emoji kitchen wallpapers. Not that creative? Then there is Randomize button that comes up with a fun creation for you.

Unfortunately, it is still too early to say that these wallpapers are coming to the stable version of Android 14. Google is busy testing the software in the Developer Previews. This is followed by the beta versions that can be tested by more people. We don’t expect the final version of Android 14 until August. Until then, anything can change.

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