Wirelessly charge iPhone on your MacBook

It still sounds far away, but Apple is working on it. Enabling you to charge an iPhone wirelessly on your MacBook.

The magic takes place under the keyboard and trackpad of your MacBook. That’s where all the hardware is hidden. But what other innovations can laptop makers come up with? Apple has a smart idea to turn the MacBook’s case into a wireless charger.

Wireless charging with your MacBook

A patent shows how an iPhone rests to the left of the trackpad and an Apple Watch to the right of the trackpad on the housing of a MacBook. Not to chill, but to recharge. Inductive charging technology is hidden under the hood. The patent was noticed by Patently Apple.

Wireless charging iPhone on your MacBook

Now a patent does not automatically mean that Apple will actually implement this idea. But it does sound like a cool piece of innovation. How relaxed would it be to park your iPhone or Apple Watch on your MacBook for a while, so that it can charge wirelessly. No hassle with cables and you don’t need to bring a separate wireless charger.

For Apple it would be a groundbreaking innovation. Apart from the introduction of the M1 chipset, it has been quiet for a while around Apple and innovative ideas.

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