wireless Android Car for everyone and for good money

Android Auto is constantly evolving and Google quite often brings us useful updates. Most users, however must be satisfied with the cable connection and Wireless Android Auto is only available to a select few. But that is changing with the AAWireless project. Using this dongle connect your phone to any vehicle wirelessly.

Wireless Android Car for Everyone?

If you are about AAWireless they haven’t heard yet, this is a crownfunding project on Indiegogo, which was launched last year. The developers have promised that thanks to their USB dongle, you can connect your phone to your car wirelessly, and it does. The product is now being delivered to supporters who have pre-ordered the dongle directly from Indiegogo to support the entire project. Subsequently, AAWireless will be available on the official e-shop for all other customers.


So what are the requirements for you to run AAWireless? Of course you need to have a carwith Android Auto support. If you do not have it, a third-party radio that supports this function will suffice. It is also necessary to have A mobile phone running Android 9.0 or later and you have won.

You can also install it along with the hardware mobile applicationwhich will guide you through setting up a dongle and help you with pairing. In addition, you will also update via the AAWireless application. Most cars shouldn’t have a problem with the dongle, but reporting any problems and fine-tuning the little things will definitely come in handy. A complete list of tested vehicles should soon appear on the web, which will be constantly increasing. The project was supported in total 19,656 supporters and a total of $ 1,558,441 was raised. Those who supported the project paid for the product $ 65 (about 1,400 crowns).

How do you like the AAWireless project?

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