Windows program Your phone will control the settings of the connected mobile phone

Between Windows computers and Android phones, the possibilities of cooperation and multitasking have been developing very well lately. And most importantly thanks to the program Your phone and the related Link to Windows application. Microsoft works a lot with Samsung in this field, for whose phones some features are currently exclusive. However, the one currently being prepared should please fans of other brands as well. Your phone appears to appear in the program possibility to control settings mobile.

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These are a few icons that normally appear in the top scrolling menu. In this particular case, it is about Do Not Disturb mode, Bluetooth control, ringtone mode selection, and music on or off. You can already see their status on your computer, but soon it should be possible to switch them directly in Windows. This “Indicator management” should be the authors of the program what not to see introduced. Subsequently, we could look forward to controlling the mobile phone settings in your phone’s assistant within a few weeks.

How often do you use this program? And for what?

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