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Windows 11 may be coming sooner!

The latest version of the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system may be coming sooner than expected. Read here when.

The popular operating system has been the topic of conversation for a long time. Everyone is waiting and eagerly looking forward to it. There is already a beta version out, which you can see as a first introduction. The real final version for the general public will come sometime this year.

Windows 11 coming sooner

Windows Latest keeps a start that is now at the end of October. And that’s earlier, because Microsoft mentioned a release date of around the holidays of 2022. The latest rumor that it will be October – so a full month earlier – comes from a Microsoft website about Windows 11 drivers. The developers of these drivers were given a (new) deadline to place drivers for the new operating system. So this is a good indication that Microsoft will introduce the operating system sooner.

The company notes that “Partners seeking to achieve compatibility for systems shipped with Windows 11, version 21H2, can install drivers for components compatible with Windows 10, version 2004 until September 24, 2021.”

Deadline earlier

The drivers will therefore be delivered a lot earlier for the release. This is because there is still enough time to test the control program. And potential bugs can be fixed before launch. Windows Latest notes that it is expected that Windows 11 four works will appear next. And if we start counting, we arrive at the end of October.

Also in addition to the deadline for drivers, there are several indications that suggest an earlier release. For example, a leaked report from Intel states that Windows 11 is being called the “October 2021 update.” The American supermarket chain Walmart previously (accidentally?) wrote on their website that the launch would be in October.

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