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win a Google Nest Audio speaker

Until December 24, you have a chance to win a great prize every working day at Android Planet! From smartphone to earplugs and from tablet to fitness tracker: there is something for everyone. We kick off with the cool Google Nest Audio speaker!

Android Planet Advent Calendar 2020

What could be more fun than an old-fashioned advent calendar, where you can unpack something every working day throughout December? You may have a calendar of chocolates, candies, or small gifts, but with that Android Planet we take it bigger!

From December 1 to 24 because you make every working day opportunity at a price! In collaboration with various manufacturers and other partners, this means that we are giving away 18 great gifts. Partners for the 2020 advent calendar include Alcatel, Cat, Gigaset, MediaMarkt, Oppo, tink and Xiaomi.

Tuesday December 1: have a chance to win a Google Nest Audio worth 99.99 euros

The Nest Audio is the latest smart speaker from Google. You not only play music with it, but thanks to the built-in Google Assistant you can do a lot more with it. Ask questions, check the weather forecast or listen to the latest news.

This speaker has been completely renewed, making the sound quality a lot better than its predecessors. Do you have a second Nest Audio speaker? Then you can link them to form a stereo pair for even finer sound.

We give the Google Nest Audio to one of our readers ourselves! The suggested retail price of this speaker is 99.99 euros.

How do I win those prizes?

From December 1 appears every working day around 3 p.m. a news item on Android Planet and at the same time opens a box in our calendar! That way you know what you have a chance to win that day and how you can participate. You will also find a link to a Google form in the article, where we will ask you a few questions such as your name and e-mail address.

You can participate until 2 p.m. the next working day, after which the editorial staff of Android Planet chooses the winner or winner. We will of course announce this as soon as possible, but that is only possible after we have actually had contact with the lucky one.

An example:

  • On Tuesday December 1 we will announce the first daily price around 3 pm;
  • You can send in your entry up to and including 2 December 2 p.m.
  • On Tuesday December 2, we will announce the second day rate around 3 p.m. The winner or winner of December 1 will also be announced as soon as possible.

All information at a glance

Want to know more about this Android Planet win month? Then view our special Android Planet advent calendar 2020 action page. There you will find the calendar, full list of winners and winners and of course all frequently asked questions and answers in a row.

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