Will we finally have an advantage? Exynos 2100 surpasses Snapdragon 888

We’ve been pretty upset at Samsung lately. Instead of high-quality and proven chipsets from Qualcomm, it regularly serves us its own Exynoses, which are not downright bad, but they have been losing quality of quality from an American manufacturer for a long time. But that could change now. The new Exynos 2100 seems to surpass the performance of the Snapdragon 888 chipset.

Exynos 2100 surpasses Snapdragon 888

It is already certain that the South Korean giant will again offer two models. In Europe, we will be ticking Exynos again, this time with the designation 2100, and for the USA and selected Asian markets, Snapdragon will be available again. But according to the new benchmarks, the inhabitants of the old continent can rejoice. Leaker Ice Universe for he said that he had earned Exynos for one core 1,108 pointswhile in a multicore test 3,963 points. Snapdragon obtained a single core in the same test 1,135 points and in multiple cores then 3 794 points.

In the single-core test, it still loses a bit, but when all cores are turned on, Snapdragon overcomes. However, it is not only performance that is important, but also energy efficiency and other aspects. We just hope that Samsung has finally made a quality chipset and European customers will not suffer.

Will Exynos beat Snapdragon?

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