will these be the new colors of the iPhone 15?

New images of the iPhone 15 are circulating, on which we may see the new colors of the next iPhone. This is what the new iPhones look like!

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iPhone 15 is coming

In September, Apple presents a new series of iPhones. The iPhone 15 will be released this year, about which much is already clear. The Dynamic Island, which we already know from the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), is also coming to the regular iPhone 15 (Plus) this year. The camera is also getting much better: all iPhone 15 models get a 48-megapixel camera and the iPhone 15 Pro Max even gets a new periscope lens.

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Renders of the iPhone 15 have now surfaced again, showing the new colors of the iPhones. It was already clear that the iPhone 15 (Plus) will have colors that we have not seen before on an iPhone. Apple often releases a special color for the Pro models and this year is no different. These are the new colors for the upcoming line of iPhones.

Regular iPhone 15 gets striking colors

Previously leaked color codes give us a good idea of ​​the design of the new iPhones. The iPhone 15 (Plus) is reportedly getting two new colors. The phone will probably be available in light blue and pink. This would be a first, as we’ve yet to see an iPhone with this color palette.

In addition, the usual shades such as midnight, starlight and red are also coming back to the regular iPhone 15. That means that you can choose from five different colors with the iPhone 15. Usually, Apple gives the iPhone a new look in the spring, when a new color is added to the collection. For example, the canary yellow iPhone 14 appeared this year.

Special color for the iPhone 15 Pro (Max)

Not only the iPhone 15 (Plus) gets new colors, the color palette of the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) is also expanded. Apple gives the Pro models a special color every year and this year the housing of the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) attracts attention again. The phone is namely released in burgundy red, a deep red color.

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The iPhone 14 Pro (Max) is available in the colors deep purple, gold, silver and space black. The deep purple color will therefore probably be replaced by the deep red color in the iPhone 15 Pro (Max). Gold, silver and space black will probably come to the new iPhones. With the iPhone 15 Pro (Max), you will therefore soon be able to choose from four different versions.

iPhone 15 Pro colors

This is when the new iPhone appears

So Apple has again selected a number of cool shades for the new series of iPhones. We still have to wait for the iPhone 15, because the phone will only appear in September. Usually, Apple presents the new iPhones in the second or third week of September. The iPhone will then appear in stores a week later.

Are you excited about the new colors and do you want to know more about the iPhone 15? We’ve previously put together all the rumors about the iPhone 15, as well as everything we know about the iPhone 15 Pro Max so far. Unfortunately, due to all the new functions, the iPhone 15 is becoming more expensive again. Read here how much you will pay for the most expensive iPhone ever.

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