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will the silent mode button disappear?

An alleged case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max has appeared on video on social media. The breakdown for the technical elements confirms the presence of certain technical elements. One of the cutouts corresponds to the location of the historical button dedicated to silent mode. The latter could be replaced this year by a programmable multifunction key. The shell also suggests a change in the photo module.

Many speculations concern the mechanical buttons of the next iPhones. Some have advanced their removal to replace them with capacitive keys with haptic motors to simulate the physical “click”, as on the Touch ID button of iPhone 6S. But the project would have been (temporarily?) abandoned, Apple preferring a more classic solution, with mechanical buttons.

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This rollback does not imply that there will be no change in the keys of the next iPhones, in particular the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Several leaks claim that Apple could remove silent mode switch. A considerable change for all iPhone lovers, because this element is the only one to have survived for the last 16 years. The switch is indeed the last ergonomic element of the original iPhone presented in 2007. Still according to rumours, it could be replaced by a configurable multifunction button.

A case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max reveals openings… so what?

A new leak today revives the rumor. This leak comes from a leaker who posted on Twitter a short video which you can find below. This presents, according to its author, an iPhone 15 Pro Max case. In this sequence, it is of course necessary to concentrate on the openings of the hull. On the bottom edge, we see the charging port (logically in USB-C format) and the openings for the microphone and the main speaker. On the right edge, we see the opening for the power button. And on the right edge, there are two openings. The larger one for the volume control and the smaller one located on the switch location. And it looks identical to our official Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max case…

All the media in the world affirm that this openness means the disappearance of the switch. For us, this is just confirmation that there will be a physical element in this location. A switch? A multifunction button? Impossible to judge from this video. Similarly, the cast seems to indicate that the lenses of the photo module could be wider. It is indeed a possibility that would presage great changes in photography. However, official iPhone cases simply leave a square opening, without further details. Should we therefore be in awe or prophesy thanks to this new shell? Certainly not. But we can confirm that Apple is not going to revolutionize its smartphone. At least on the outside.

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